Q: Can I complete part of the form now and return to it later?
Q: How can I be sure that my request is being reviewed?
Q: How do I save an application once I have started it?
Q: I have my Login ID and Password. How do I get back to my saved application?
Q: I lost (or forgot to record) my Login ID and Password. can I get back to my saved application?
Q: I prefer the personal touch. Why can't I explain my proposal in person?
Q: I saved an application but I have decided to start a new one. Is this a problem?
Q: I'm not comfortable with computers. How can I make use of the online application form?
Q: Our organization does not have an e-mail address. The application form will not let me proceed without entering one. What do I do?
Q: Our organization doesn't have a computer. Can we still make a request?
Q: Should I telephone to verify that my request has been received?
Q: This online application form takes some time to complete. Is it worth the effort?
Q: When will I hear if my request has been approved?
Q: Will the information I provide be kept private?