Apply for a Gift


  • For questions requiring a selection from a drop-down menu, always select the response that best corresponds to your situation. PLEASE NOTE: the selection you make may trigger an additional sub-question asking you to provide further details. Take your time and ensure you enter all required information.
  • For questions requiring text entry, please answer clearly, concisely and in point form. This will make your request easier to review and evaluate.
  • All questions must be answered before continuing to the next page or submitting your request. For your convenience, a right will appear next to each primary completed question. Missed questions or questions that have been incorrectly will be marked with an wrong

Navigation through the application form

  • Refer to the progress bar at the top of each page to see how far you have progressed through the form.
  • To move from one question to the next, use either the Tab key or the mouse (cursor). The Enter key will not move you from one question to the next. When entering text data in point form, use the Enter key to move down within a single text box.
  • To move from one page to the next, click on the Next page button located at the top or the bottom of the current page.
  • If you want to return to a previous page select the page from the progress bar.
  • Should you be unsure about a question, press the Instructions button located in front of that question. This will clarify what the question is requesting.